Aqua di Lara

Aqua Di Lara 2013 Collection

There’s nothing that makes a woman feel sexier than the perfect swimsuit, and Aqua Di Lara definitely delivers. Canadian designer Reyhan Sofraci’s passion for swimwear is clearly communicated through her designs, with her inspiration coming from her world travels and cultural experiences.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection is complete with bikinis, monokinis, and exquisite cover ups for the White and Black labels. Women who desire beautiful, electrifying hues in  high-end swimwear would love White Label designs. Black Label kicks it up a notch boasting  bold prints and colors, metallics, and cutout designs.

Visit to view the 2013 Aruba campaign and for info on retailers near you!

ADL-BL-Azure-Ariana & Erissawithlogo ADL-BL-Elda Joan-Lina & Salomine with logo ADL-BL-Kura-Imperia & Gloriawithlogo ADL-BL-Noir-Pandora S & Loulawithlogo ADL-BL--Xena & Loulawithlogo ADL-WL-Blush-Antonellawithlogo ADL-WL-Caicos Blue-Marisa 2withlogo ADL-WL-Kyrie-Nomi & Diana 2withlogo ADL-WL-Ova Tura-Lina & Siawithlogo ADL-WL-Snow-Diamantewithlogo

credit: Aqua Di Lara and Anthony Turano