(: Just In: Jewelry That Has A lot To Say :)

It’s true. We are very fond of the Alison Lou emoticon jewelry. Actually it  rocks!!!  The whimsical  jewelry line puts  a “new face” on jewelry  that is oh so familiar.  C’mon you’re guilty of using this expressive language too 😉

Although we are all fluent in this language, seeing it on 14k white and yellow gold  makes it just that much better doesn’t it? The fall 2013 line of  bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings  allows for simple but fun creativity when accessorizing .  Who wouldn’t fall in love with such a fun way to be so expressive with jewelry?

Alison Lou 1

alison Lou 7

Alison Lou 8

alison Lou 11

Photo Credit: Courtesy of RBBR