Well Done Bey !  We approve. The athleisure line co-founded by the Queen herself alongside Topshops’ owner Sir Philip Green is definitely going to be an in demand item. The collection is a deliberate mixture of active and leisure wear that of course caters to women in different shapes and sizes (Thanks Bey!).

Leave it to Bey to empower women to feel sexy while working out or in “a la leisure” mode. Surely, I will definitely be picking up my favorite pieces from the collection! The sexy and versatile line officially launches April 14th  and can be picked up at your nearest Topshop location or online. You can also visit IvyPark.com  for more information on exclusive retailers.

Still not feeling empowered by that bodysuit? Check out Elle.com, where Bey is all things Ivy Park in an interview for the May 2016 issue!

Let us know what you think of Ivy Park!


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