Fashion Star Finale!

The Finale of Fashion Star opened up with Jessica Simpson’s Spring 2012 collection on the runway. This was actually  Jessica’s first runway show and we must say  it was a beautiful and colorful collection. The beach like collection really came down the runway making a statement, but presenting a calmness at the same time. We really enjoyed Jessica’s collection. We happen to know that Jessica’s spring collection can be purchased at Macy’s and

Alright, where do we start? Well, We really looked forward to Nzimiro Oputas’ well-dressed, can’t wait to introduce you to my dad collections. After all what woman doesn’t love a well dressed man? The once mechanical engineer is definitely a talent men should be on the look out for.  The collections created for Macy’s Saks, and H&M were all very well thought out, and constructed perfectly for the intended retailers.

Nzimiro took an enormous risk during the finale when he created a womens look intended to mirror his mens looks, but did so with  excellent delivery. The Mentors (Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos, and Nicole Richie) were very pleased. John Varvatos quoted saying, “You (Nzimiro) are a brother from another mother”. Take a look at some of Nzmiro’s looks below. Very well done Nzimiro!

Oh Ronnie! We were really pulling for you. Before fashion, Ronnie served in the US Navy for four years. Upon completion he enrolled in fashion school in San Francisco and later went on to work for well-known designers Zac Posen and Chad Ralph Rucci. We definitely understood your vision every single time your designs hit the runway!

We absolutely loved your white suit you designed for Macy’s, and we want  one. Jessica Simpson also understood your vision quoted saying, “what woman wouldn’t want to wear that dress, you’re like the unsung hero” speaking of the LBD you designed for H&M.  The Jumpsuit  you designed for H&M was also very chic and desirable. Have a look below. Ronnie has a true craft. I am sure we will see much more of what you have to offer and we can’t wait!

Fashion Star winner Kara Laricks used to teach fourth grade prior to designing. It’s apparent she is multi skilled, because her designs never disappoint.  Karas’ designs are like a breath of fresh air for women who dare to be different or desire a wardrobe with a little edge. Saks really seemed to fall hard for Kara and most of her designs.  As Terron Schaefer said, “Kara is definitely a leader and not a follower”.  Kara’s designs are definitely not for everyone, but she surely is something special.

As the winner, Kara received a $6M grand prize and all her designs bought prior and in the finale show are all currently for sale in all three retailers. We will be keeping our eye out for her as she blazes a new trail in the endless world of fashion.

All images from NBC

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